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SpikeCast Corporate

This site has been developed by Spike Productions as a platform for use by businesses wanting to showcase their communications and marketing films. You can see examples of these by clicking on the SpikeCast Corporate tab above. SpikeCast Corporate offers a dedicated video micro-site for businesses. By simply adding SpikeCast as a link to an existing website companies can drive an audience to watch their internal and external communications films, as well as any other marketing or recruitment films.

Why use SpikeCast Corporate?

SpikeCast Corporate enables businesses to integrate film into their website. It is a simple product that can be accesses by simply adding a link to your existing site. It is the equivalent of having a dedicated page within your site just for your communication films. What SpikeCast Corporate provides is a sophisticated encoding procedure that ensures films are viewed at a high quality giving your target audience an enjoyable experience.

Film allows companies to send clear consistent messages to audiences through a medium that is proven to be the most powerful way of communicating, most memorable and engaging. Having film on a website also makes visitors stay around longer - increasing the interactivity and the experience they get from your site. They are also more likely to complete transactions and more likely to return.

How much does it cost?

To create your own SpikeCast page is very cost effective. It can be used as an extension of your own site to show your corporate films. Spike Productions can help you produce your films to high broadcast standards. In comparison to print advertising, film is a very effective and powerful way to communicate and has a much longer shelf life than any print advert as well as being more emotive and engaging.

Option 1 Option 2
£2250 £3000
  • Company Branded page
  • Three films uploaded at any one time
  • Ability to add passwords
  • Added to the SpikeCast corporate page
  • Measurable - know how effective it is
  • E-mail to clients and friends
  • Company branded page
  • Unlimited number of films
  • Ability to add passwords
  • Added to the SpikeCast corporate homepage
  • Document downloads to complement films (e.g., power point or brochures)
  • Measurable - know how effective it is
  • Download clips
  • E-mail to friends/clients

How SpikeCast is used

  • Recruitment films
  • Seminars and briefings
  • Interviews with company bosses
  • Public Relations
  • CSR
  • Product launches or explanations
  • Direct marketing
  • Financial results explanation
  • Viral marketing
  • Internal and external communications


Including video as part of your website is proven to increase the time people stay on your site and the messages they remember. It also increases the chances of them completing a transaction and returning to visit again. Corporate films are the most powerful way of communicating to an audience, with SpikeCast that audience is infinite. Click on the link below to find out how SpikeCast can improve your business communications.

Brand Strength
Film makes the company look fresh and visitors to websites are more likely to have a positive experience if there is film on the site.
Corporate Communications
Enables teams to deliver powerful consistent messages quickly to targeted audiences.
Public Relations
Businesses can clearly communicate the messages they want heard whilst maintaining full control.
Show potential recruits why they should work for your company. Film can communicate emotion as well as showing off the company’s best assets and helping future recruits choose your company over a competitor.
Public bodies can deliver the information people need to know. By controlling what is said there is less chance of messages being badly communicated through other communication channels.
A key to successful marketing and communication campaigns is the ability to measure their success. SpikeCast can tell you how many people watched your films and on what day. There is plenty more information that can be used from the analytics to prove how effective campaigns are.

By 2011 between 15 to 20% of all internet traffic will be video delivered to the television.

John Chambers,
CEO Cisco

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