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Agile Frog Campaing with John Cleese

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Agile Frog Campaing with John Cleese

Lee Durrell of the world-renowned Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust explained the frogs' plight, while a video message from actor and committed supporter John Cleese reiterated the need for swift action.

Jersey is the only place in the British Isles where this unusual, long-limbed species of frog can be found, but its population has been dwindling since the turn of the century.

Due to pollution, pesticides and predators, it's now believed there's only one fragile breeding ground remaining on the south-west of the Island.
"We are delighted with this new initiative and the active engagement of leading Jersey businesses," said David Hillyard, Director of Development at Durrell. Bedell Group and HSBC Private Bank staff have committed to become actively involved in the 'FrAgile Frog' programme â taking the message to local schools, and physically helping in creating suitable habitats by clearing overgrown ponds and bracken.